What is an xAPI Verb?

Verbs in xAPI are URIs, and should be paired with a short display string. They are a crucial element of statements, as they describe just what has happened between the actor and object of the statement. The xAPI specification (1.0.0 at the time of this writing) allows any full URI to be used as a verb. 

Is xAPI the same as SCORM?

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Why do we need xAPI Verbs?

xAPI statements consist of a Verb and Actor and an Object. In addition, xAPILMS also includes an entry for custom job competencies within the statement that is associated with the Learning Objective, Outcome or Evaluation.

What is the xAPI format and where do the statements go?

xAPI statements are made up of JSON and these statements are sent to our Learning Record Store (LRS). Thousands upon thousands of statements can collect in the LRS. Over time a picture begins to emerge of the Team Member”s career in the organization and all this information can be pulled from the database (MongodB) and run through Microsoft Power BI to create a dashboard of many aspects of the business. The verbs, objects, activities and competencies should all be linked to the organization’s established KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

xAPI Verb Project List

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