Randy implements Section 3 of DoD Policy on DL (Distributed Learning). My focus has been on implementing xAPI in a Learning Record Store, finding methods to secure the apparatus, and using that data to measure Learning Performance.


To implement DoD policy affecting DL, the DoD Components will:
a. When developing or acquiring DL:
(1) Search for existing DL content that may be reused or repurposed, as facilitated by the
DADLAC in accordance with Section 5 of this issuance.
(2) Design and develop DL that leverages learning science, technology, specifications,
and standards to produce state-of-the-art, affordable, effective, and convenient education and
(3) Consider the security of networks, data, and personal information in all DL content
and systems development, and comply with all applicable policies and requirements for the
protection thereof.
b. Make existing DL assets, content, and other reusable resources visible and accessible to
other DoD Components, as facilitated by the DADLAC in accordance with Section 5.
c. Record, analyze, measure, manage, and, as appropriate, exchange learning experience data
among themselves. They also:
(1) Measure and evaluate learner performance.
(2) Implement the Experience Application Programming Interface (xAPI) and associated
Learning Record Store capabilities, as practical, to enhance learning data security and
d. Participate in the DADLAC.

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