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This project is geared toward classifying Learning and Development Vocabularies into a consistent fashion so that we can communicate with databases of experience. We call this Experience API or xAPI for short. The project is designed to increase the complexity of verbs much like the Bloom’s Taxonomy has done in the past, but bring it inline with JSON statements that represent the current and future tracking of learning events.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy was created by Benjamin Bloom in 1956, published as a kind of classification of learning outcomes and objectives that have, in the more than half-century since, been used for everything from framing digital tasks and evaluating apps to writing questions and assessments (Link).

xAPI Verbs

Verbs in xAPI are URIs, and should be paired with a short display string. They are a crucial element of statements, as they describe just what has happened between the actor and object of the statement. Randy has cleaned up existing databases of xAPI verbs (ADL, DoD, etc.) into a curated list on this site (Link).

  "id": "",
  "display": { 
    "en-US": "accepted"

xAPI Objects


xAPI Actors


xAPI Activities


Job Competencies linked to JSON Statements