Randy Stewart Miller circa 2007 at the KBR Theater Training Center of Excellence for LOGCAP III in Baghdad, Iraq. That was my first job as a Course Developer after graduating with a MDE (Masters of Distance Education) from University of Maryland

So why a web-space?

Well, I didn’t decide to just do a plain jane web page to sell my Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes, I decided to create a Learning, Social and Project Management Work Space to try out various theories and allow friends and associates to log right in and be a part of the experiment (hint, it is all actually fully functional).

Email me: randystewartmiller@gmail.com


I am a Learning and Development Program/Project Management Lead with 15 years of experience in all facets of Curriculum Design, Instructional Courseware Design and Organizational Change Management that can partner and communicate with all levels of an organization to identify learning gaps, strategies, and tactics. I can Design, Develop and Implement systems and approaches to address the strategies, facilitate the operation including writing new job descriptions for support personnel as they are needed, and then implement and evaluate the training with a concentration on developing competencies that match company KPIs and then tracking these competencies though xAPI.

I have a strong technical background in Learning Management Systems, Digital Content Creation and Hybrid Instructional Development.  Just as important, I have a strong background in Stakeholder and Project Management in a variety of cultures and settings,

I have extensive experience in the Middle East and Europe, and I am open to both travel and relocation domestically in the US and to anywhere in the world as travel permits.

Learning Development

I possess 15+ years of learning strategy and complex instructional design experience across a multitude of various external client  focused projects.  I focus on Objectives (how to achieve the Outcomes) and Outcomes (deliverables from the training product). I am considered an expert in the industry possessing the following skills and abilities:

  • Able to conduct rapid design workshops to co-create compelling and award level training strategy
  • Interested in the business objectives (Company KPIs), not just the training requirements and ready to provide measurable ROI through xAPI data
  • Consult with clients on needs assessments
  • Lead the development of adult learning strategies and complex blended learning solutions
  • Provide overall design leadership, coordination, and communication for a team of instructional designers, web designers, graphic artists and others involved in the development
  • I am deliverable focused vs. platitudes
  • Develop trusted relationships with assigned clients targeting instructional design and adult learning
  • Skilled at negotiating resolution to differences of opinion
  • Proven ability to synthesize conflicting project requirements into a easily understood cohesive strategy
  • Able to assess a large set of diverse inputs into a concise performance improvement strategy achieving project objectives
  • Provide expert guidance to client related to new learning methods, media, and technology for adult learning
  • I enhance the learning experience through the inclusion of interactive strategies
  • I can adapt development processes to achieve project success
  • Make the complex appear simple

Tech Savvy – I go way beyond PowerPoint but can do that too

I am an expert in new digital media that clients increasingly expect – video, smart phone apps, visual identity for programs and campaigns, infographics, and more.

  • I am able to do some graphics and for 3D development  I am able to provide direction to graphic artists and Unity/Unreal programmers, that are adept at creating compelling designs and incorporating various forms of media and processes to engage the adult corporate learner

Organizational Awareness

I understand the environment, culture, and related dynamics of organizations, to effectively diagnose and design appropriate interventions at the organization, team, and individual levels. I am:

  • Attuned to, and work effectively, in the political and cultural environment
  • Have business acumen – keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with a business situation in a manner that is likely to produce a good outcome.

Thought Partnership

I will act as a thought partner assesses the challenge, recommend actions, and structure the learning approach & timing including:

  • Accurately assess issues, attitudes, needs
  • Provide insights to leaders
  • Think strategically
  • Build lasting relationships
  • Share industry relevant practices and findings

Instructional Design Consultant for SAUDI ARAMCO, DHAHRAN, SAUDI ARABIA, Upstream Professional Development Center (UPDC) Contract Consultant (2nd contract)

Feb 2018 – Jan 2021

  • Project Manager/Instructional Designer for courseware in the Upstream Professional Development Center including courseware development on DAMA, SQL for Oracle®, Openhole Logging, GigaPOWERS Reservoir Simulation, Geophysics for Engineers, Drilling, Unconventional Resources, Developmental Geology and Geology Flagship. Developed the VILT methodology for Covid19 using Skype for Business and designed courses to optimize synchronous and asynchronous modalities (5000+ PM hours in 3 years in ADDIE, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation of courseware & Starting up a Project, Initiating a Project, Directing a Project, Managing a Stage Boundary, Controlling a Stage, Managing Product Delivery & Closing a Project
  • Concentration on identifying Outcomes (deliverables) and Objectives (action verbs) with a focus on 70% hands on exercises throughout the predominately 1-week courses
  • Developed Quick Reference Guides to solve IT systems issues
  • Developed weekly reports using Microsoft Project, communicating with stake holders, managing vendor workload in the case of outside SME contracting, gap analysis to reduce scrap learning and looking for methods to enhance leadership and soft skills
  • Worked closely with Graphic Artists and Unity3d Developers, SharePoint, and Saba LMS Admin
  • Created courseware in Articulate Storyline (including SCORM xml manifest analysis and functions and variables and the same applies to Adobe Captivate) as well as interface design of the desired software produced
  • Created Instructor Led and VILT courseware, blended learning, and quizzes
  • Studied Kirkpatrick Level 1,2,3 feedback and collaborated with the Evaluations Team and other stakeholders such as the Functional Area Managers for improvements to courseware, processes and procedures while building a case for Level 4 outcomes of a program

CHAMPIONS SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE, HOUSTON, TX   VILT Organizational Change Instructional Design Project Manager

Project Manager for the Creation of Texas’ first vILT Campus certified by the Texas Real Estate Commission as Face to Face Instruction in 2015

Dec 2014 – Feb 2018

  • Project Manager/ Created a global Virtual Instructor Led campus from the ground up with 7 purpose-built studios for live video sync transmission with students that was certified by the Texas Real Estate Commission as live classroom instructor led training.  This auxiliary campus to the Galleria Campus added jobs to the Houston economy including 1 manager, 2 course coordinators and various full-time teaching staff and went from 12 students in January 2016 to over 1000 per month in Dec 2017
  • (5000+ PM hours in Starting up a Project, initiating a Project, directing a Project, managing a Stage Boundary, controlling a Stage, Managing Product Delivery& Closing a Project (See the Campus Promotional Video)
  • Created the architecture of the virtual campus, created the logo, created promotional videos, worked with Barbara Corcoran and Rita Santamaria on special seminar productions conducting all audio and video engineering, YouTube Live broadcasting solutions (View Link)
  • Edited Keynote Presentations for Barbara Corcoran
  • Proficient on both Apple and Microsoft systems
  • Consulted in the development of a Content Management System for use by Instructional Developers using Adobe® Bridge
  • Created Business Case, created model, filmed content, Implemented, and delivered tablets for classroom makeup sessions on all school courseware including tablet selection, programming, and distribution to 5 campuses

DYNCORP INTERNATIONAL, DUBAI, UAE   Senior Instructional Designer/Team Lead

May 2014 – Oct 2014

  • Created scoping studies, which included interviews, observations, and questionnaires of all levels of personnel to create a competency framework of job roles at the Advanced Military Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Center (AMROC) whose client is the UAE Airforce (View Link)

PHILLIPS 66 COMPANY, HOUSTON, TX   Senior Instructional Design Consultant

Jul 2013 – May 2014

  • Conducted gap analysis for the design of commercial compliance courses by comparing the oil and gas trading floor core competencies against the changing targets of Dodd Frank/ CFTC
  • Designed INCOTERMS eLearning course

US DEPARTMENT OF STATE, OPM-MOI, RIYADH, KSA   Training Advisor Office of Program Management – Ministry of Interior

Sep 2012 – Jul 2013

  • Direct Consultant to the US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia on OPM-MOI training matters
  • Developed the program charter for English as a Second Language Program including initial statement of work, business case including goals, benefit statement, organizational alignment, situational assessment, identified benefits, assumptions and constraints, cost estimate and high-level risks using OPM-MOI templates, SWOT analysis
  • Developed the program charter for Ministry of Interior Training Center including coordination with the KSA to secure resources (King Fahd Security College), initial statement of work, business case including goals, benefit statement, organizational alignment, situational assessment, identified benefits, assumptions and constraints, cost estimate and high-level risks using OPM-MOI templates
  • Developed the program charter for career path development to secure spots within KSA Ministry of Interior and US agencies (FBI, DHS) for an intern OJT program for recently graduated university students returning to the KSA  (View Link)

CACI, FORT BENNING, GA   Instructional Design Team Lead

Team Lead for Army Learning Concept 2015 from Sept 2011- Sept 2012 Fort Benning, GA Click Here for the Past Performance Statement on this Contract

Sept 1, 2011 – Sept 1, 2012

  • Team Lead for CACI at the US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence with the task of implementing Army Learning Concept 2015 (View Link)
  • Created learning objectives for 12 courses that would be developed on Blackboard,  iOS and Android platforms by consulting with subject matter experts within TRADOC and leading a team of 12 designers and computer programmers in app development (View Link)  under SAT, TADSS:

Pathfinder Study Aid, Jumpmaster Study Aid, Ranger Handbook, Duties of Range Personnel, Turret Components and Functions M2A2 ODS, M16 Plotting Board, M1A2 Prep to Fire Checks, M1A2 Bore-sighting, Route Reconnaissance Overlay, Tank Stations Interactive Study Guides (Driver, Loader, Gunner, Commander), Tank Screening, General Culture and Islam, Introduction to ABOLC Weapons (.50 Cal, 240 B/C, 249 SAW, MK19, 120mm Main Gun, M4 Carbine), VTA 903T Engine, Gas Turbine Engine,

Hydraulic/Mechanical Steering System, Hydraulic/Mechanical Brake System, 3D Interactive 25mm Gun, Interactive Bradley Turret, and 3D interactive sniper systems (M24, M107, M110, XM2010)

BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON, MAXELL AFB, AL  Instructional Design Organizational Change Consultant

Project Manager and Technical Advisor to the Culture Simulation game at Air Force Culture and Language Center 2009-2010

Mar 2009 – Sept 2011

  • Assisted in the creation of the Air Force Culture and Language Center from scratch at Air University, Maxwell, AFB, Alabama
  • Developed the methodology for creating culture guides for print
  • Created enabling and terminal learning objectives according to USAF guidelines for courseware
  • Created the AFCLC website from scratch using modern technologies at the time
  • Provided technical advisement on a scenario gaming system (see Innovation Award below) (View Link)
  • Did Captivate development and voice over for courseware required for deployment with over half million completions by USAF contractors and airmen deploying to the Middle East since 2009, including remote SABA LMS troubleshooting with Administrators in San Antonio
  • SOW Contracting Technical Advisor to US Gov on 1 million USD+ game development project

LSI, JACKSONVILLE, NC   Instructional Designer

Sep 2007 – Mar 2009

  • Deconstructed existing courseware to find errors within the MV-22 Tiltrotor Enlisted Aircrew doctrine by interviewing subject matter experts; stemming from a public policy perception that the aircraft was not safe (View Link).  Used Microsoft® Visio for investigation mapping that translated into revised courseware:  AC Electrical System, DC Electrical System, Introduction to the Electrical System, Safety and Procedures and Operational Risk Management (ORM), Introduction to Composites and Solid Laminates, Ingress/Egress Systems, APU and CMS Start-up, Aircraft Lighting Systems, Introduction to the Avionics Systems, Integrated Environmental Control Systems, Introduction to Cockpit Management System (CMS), Air Data System, Weight-On-Wheels (WOW) System, Control and Display System, Mission Data Loader System (MDL), AN/ARC-210 VHF/UHF Communication System, Satellite Communications (SATCOM) System, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) System, Global Positioning System (GPS), Light Weight Inertial Navigation System (LWINS), Digital Map System


Sep 2006 – Sep 2007

  • Coordinated the development of courseware by doing gap analysis, communicating with functional area managers (View Link):
  • Created eLearning courseware with Adobe® Captivate and communicated with IT staff in Houston, TX to implement the courseware from our HQ in Baghdad including: Laundry Folding, MWR Planning a Tournament, Lost Item Report, Materials and Property Accountability, Document Control for Procurement, Statement of Work (SOW), Army Contracting Officer (ACO) Notification and Approval, Subcontract Terminations: Types and Processes, Material Requisition for Contractor Acquired Property, Material Requisition for Federal Supply System, Dubai Regional Commodity Agreements (RCA), Bugseye Item Master Catalog, Maximo Software Module: Material Requisitions, Maximo Software Module: STEAM Basics, Maximo Software Module: STEAM Work Management


  • SaaS Development for Project Management, Competency Management through xAPI, Social Media and Learning Management System and Captivate Courseware Development
  • Front End Analysis/SME Interview Techniques
  • Microsoft® Visio/ Microsoft® Office/ Microsoft® Project/Microsoft® Power BI
  • Curriculum Organization and Design, SWOT Analysis
  • Understanding and analyzing foreign or American business units
  • Working with and developing Subject Matter Experts (Strong relationships)
  • Adobe® InDesign/ Adobe® Bridge/Microsoft® Word/Gamification
  • US Air Force AFMAN 36-2234 /Marine Corps NAVMC 1553.1 (ADDIE Model)
  • Subject Matter Expert in Defense Systems Approach to Training (DSAT)
  • Courseware Development
  • Expert in Adobe® Captivate/ Adobe® Photoshop/ Adobe® Premiere Pro/ Articulate® Storyline/ Microsoft® PowerPoint/ Apple® Keynote/Unity® 3D, Unreal Engine (familiarity)/ Adobe® Character Animator/ Microsoft® SharePoint
  • US Gov Section 508 Analysis using the built-in Lighthouse browser inspector and best practices
  • Custom Captivate/Articulate Graphical User Interface Development
  • Working with, and giving direction to, 3D app developers (Unity®, Unreal® Engine4) on content objectives
  • Creating work program for 2D graphic artists and understanding the full gamut of solutions
  • VILT/ILT (synchronous) and Self-Paced Online eLearning development (asynchronous) opportunity management and provide explanations for the use of each modality to prevent shovel-ware into an LMS.  All courses are fully implemented based on outcomes (a product) and objectives (how to obtain the product) for each participant with an emphasis on exercises.
  • Back End Analysis/Courseware Implementation and Technical Advisement
  • XML Manifest Analysis/ Learning Management Systems (LMS)/SCORM (deprecated standard)
  • Evaluation of Courseware, Instructors and Student Development, implementation in Zoom and Skype for Business
  • xAPI LMS/LRS development (Learning Locker/MongoDB), Robo3T, xAPI JSON Statement writing and learner road map strategy in the age of new tracking standards
  • Microsoft Project® setup and reports
  • Microsoft Power® BI setup and reports, Data Visualization
  • Scientific and Popular Research and Analysis (Finding Facts)
  • Capable of doing Masters/PhD level research within the scientific community, writing papers using APA, Turabian, or other formats as required, finding errors in logic
  • Platform Instructor and NCOIC of US Army Expert Field Medical Badge in SouthCom 1992-96.


  • University of Maryland, UC, Adelphi, MD
    • Masters of Distance Education; 2007


  • US Army Combat Medical Sergeant 5 years (91B)
    • 1/508th Infantry (ABN) Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Suriname
    • 245th Support Bn. Fort Clayton, Republic of Panama
  • US Army Operations and Intelligence Sergeant 4 Years (16H, 18F)
    • 19th Special Forces Group (ABN), Utah ANG
    • 2/5th ADA, Fort Hood, Texas
    • 5/5th ADA, Camp Stanton, Republic of Korea
  • Graduate of the Primary Leadership Development Course (NCO Academy) Ft. Gulick, Panama


Booz Allen Hamilton Innovation Award (Air Force Culture and Language Center Scenario Game), US Army Parachute, Honduran Army Parachute, Humanitarian Service Medal, Army Achievement Medal (7x), Army Commendation Medal, Meritorious Unit Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Overseas Service (2x). Expert Field Medical Badge


  • Kirkpatrick® 4 Levels of Evaluation Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick, San Diego, CA; 2011
  • Peter Block® Flawless Consulting
  • HUET  Warm Water Helicopter Underwater Escape
  • H2S
  • First Aid