As more electric vehicles hit the road, it is vital that the 5 electric grids (Texas, Quebec, Alaska, Eastern and Western) in N. America are updated and hardened against failure or there could be a catastrophic chain of events to occur

Energy has to come from somewhere to operate everything including your vehicle. However, strain on the electric grids are increasing at the same rate adoption of battery powered devices increase. Recently, California suggested that consumers scale back charging during certain hours for certain reasons. In California, the load spikes at 6pm as people return home from work and plugging in cars all at the same time puts a load on the grid similar to all of a companies employees logging into a server at the same time causing a denial of service attack which has the same effect as a malicious attack. When I was an Instructional Designer in Baghdad in 2006 uploading eLearning courses to a server in Houston, I learned right away that it is not a good idea for people to login at the same time. For that reason I never notified the entire company at the same time that an offering was available especially when the material was coming back overseas jamming the pipes from where it all began at my computer in the first place.

The free market is actually addressing this problem by building battery farms that store energy when it is plentiful and release it when it is stressed.

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